Real estate opportunities as speculative object is just one problem the office, or rather collective brandlhuber+ works against. 

They refer to concept art from the 60s and 70s to connect the private and the public space. In the same decade many of the german building restrictions have their origin, which are used as a tool, not as an obstacle, at brandlhuber+.

Former coal-towers in Lichtenberg remain through redistribution of their property area. In Krampnitz a smashed hole in the outer walls works as a window to the neighborhood and the lake. A building with artist studios fits itself on a building ruin through reaction on its nearer surroundings in central Berlin.

The design of their projects is defined through a critical view on the legislature and how you can avoid these restrictions. 

In the end these are no admonishing sculptures, but simple and modest examples for dealing with contemporary structures in our cityscape.

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